Make Pop Up Books

Pop-up cards, folders and books are a great way to add an extra dimension to your homeschooling. Find out how to make them zing with these instructions, resources and ideas!

Pop Ups are a great tool for educators because they can range from simple cards to complex paper engineering. They work great for math lessons because they can involve measuring and the geometry can be complex. But how can you use them in your homeschooling? Let’s find out.

A simple version of this type of book can be easy to make once you know how. Here are instructions for a basic book – check out the resources for more complex ideas.

Following the diagram, fold paper length-ways and make to cuts of equal length from the fold.
Crease the tab you have made by folding it both ways,
Open up your paper and fold it width-ways so your tab is inside the book, in the middle. Lift out the tab and fold it so that it pops out when you open the book.
Stick a picture onto the tab.
Still not clear? Try this video instead.