Are your kids interesting in film-making and directing?

Making a ‘no talking’ film is a technique that Directing courses use to force you to pay attention to the story you are directing. And it is a great way to get started in film-making for kids.

How To Make a Non-Talking Film
Movies are really “moving pictures”. And there usually is no speaking in a picture, or if there is, it is silent. You see their mouths moving. But in my opinion, this is not “non-talking”, it’s just that the sound is turned off.

I really enjoy making short films with no talking, not even seeing their mouths move. This is a much more challenging way to make a film, because you have to tell the story “without speaking”. This will cause you to think out of the box, so to speak. Speaking in a movie is really a crutch or a helpful aid, when you don’t know to progress the story without words anymore. And that’s okay for a feature film.