6 Amazing Ways to Make Weather in a Jar

Weather is an amazing thing. From powerful tornadoes to puffy clouds on a sunny day, the weather has the power to awe the kid inside all of us. But did you ever think you could make weather yourself? We’ve gathered six fun science experiments that make weather in a jar to wow your kids. Start with the rain in a jar experiment, then make some snow, clouds, frost, tornadoes, even a rainbow in these weather jars. These engaging science experiments are perfect for a rainy day or school time fun.

So many ways to experiment with weather!
This post is loaded with weather fun (6 easy to do projects!), so we’ve included a table of contents to help you navigate it. Pick one to do today and save some for a rainy day 🙂 Or have an epic weather adventure and do all 6!

Weather in a Jar Table of Contents
Rain in a Jar
Frost in a Jar
Cloud in a Jar
Tornado in a Jar
Snow in a Jar
Rainbow in a Jar