DIY Video Wall

I’ve been wanting to make a video wall for sometime and recently started finding some pretty cool looking pictures of businesses doing some nice shapes rather than the normal rectangle.

I wanted to build it for as little cash as possible, but have it show video. Other than that, I was wide open to ideas.

I have it looping a single 60 second video that I made on my computer. The video highlights each conference event for about 15 seconds. Note that I did not include instructions of how to create a 4K video on your computer, but I assume any modern video editing software can do it.

Material list –

– Windows 10 PC with dual Visiontek Radeon HD 7750 Eye 6 video cards, with VLC installed
– Qty 12 – Mini DP to HDMI, CableCreation (DP1.2) Active Mini DisplayPort to HDMI 6 ft Cables
– Qty 12 – 32″ Toshiba 720p televisions
– Qty 48 – M4x40mm screws
– Assorted framing lumber, cedar pickets, and wood screws