How to Create a Retractable Green Screen

In light of the pandemic, many people are experiencing moments where they could benefit from a green screen. We are in a time where students, employees, and other demographics are meeting virtually and are possibly in need of a professional space to work in at home. A green screen is a great way to have an unorthodox space appear as professional. While most computers are capable of automatically removing the background in conference calls and videos, some people have computers that don’t meet the necessary requirements and need a green screen to remove their background. Additionally, green screens can be used recreationally for better quality background removal, photo and video shoots, and other passion projects.

One issue that arises when installing a green screen is having to dedicate space for a green screen setup. This project guides you through the steps to making a retractable green screen. This green screen will be able to pop up whenever you need it and easily collapse for quick storage.


This project focuses on STL Standard 19, which states “Students will develop an understanding of and be able to select and use manufacturing technologies.” Benchmark D will take priority, stating that “manufacturing processes include designing products, gathering resources, and using tools to separate, form, and combine materials in order to produce products.” This project can be completed at the 6-8th grade level.

– 1 retractable roll-up banner stand (approx. 60″ wide)

– 1 green screen section (material varies, size has to match dimensions of banner stand)

– 1 roll of clear tape (approx. 20″ wide)

– (optional) 1 clothes iron/steamer

It is important that your green screen material is nice and straight before assembling it into the finished product. Before starting anything, be sure to lay your material out flat and iron/steam all of the wrinkles out (seek the help of an adult if needed). If you are using a paper material, then ironing/steaming is unnecessary. Once the material is straight, lay it on a flat surface in a room with plenty of space. You will need enough room for assembly.