Shoprite has a new phone network, k’nect – with free airtime and data for customers
Shoprite has launched a new mobile network k’nect, which will charge you up to 99 cents per minute for calls.
Its XtraSavings card holders get extra rewards in the form of recharge discounts.
k’nect users will also be able to use selected Shoprite and Checkers websites, apps and its jobs portal at no cost.

Shoprite is the latest retailer to offer a mobile service and has launched its new cellphone network, k’nect, which will begin operating next month.

The mobile network will give rewards such as additional airtime and data to its customers across the group’s Shoprite, Checkers and Usave stores. XstraSavings card holders will also get extra rewards.

k’nect, whose mobile service piggybacks off mobile operator Cell C’s infrastructure, is a prepaid-based SIM service which will offer flat call and data rates. Data and airtime on the service will expire after a 60-day period, as opposed to the standard 30 days on other networks.

The retailer said customers who use its other products, such as XtraSavings and its Money Market Account, will benefit from signing on.

A k’nect mobile customer who has an XtraSavings card will enjoy rewards including free additional airtime, data and streaming content when they swipe their card at checkout.

k’nect’s call and data rates:
k’nect to k’nect calls cost 50 cents per minute all day
Calls to other networks cost 99 cents per minute
Megabytes for any size data bundle, for up to 1GB costs 15 cents
Additional rewards for Shoprite customers and XtraSavings shoppers:
10% free on recharge
10% extra for Xtra Savings card holders
5% extra when recharging via Money Market Account
Double airtime rewards on Xtra Savings airtime deals
“k’nect mobile is part of our ever-growing suite of fintech products designed to better serve our customers,” Jean Olivier, Shoprite’s general manager for financial services said.

“We’ve spent a lot of time understanding how a mobile network can add value to our customers’ lives, and our solution is an easy to understand network that offers straightforward call and data rates as well as tangible rewards,” Olivier said.

In 2019 Shoprite launched its k’nect stores which offer a range of cellular products and accessories. The mobile network falls under the group’s financial services offering which allows customers to use a range of services including paying bills, buying cellphones and making money transfers as well as buying airtime and data, lotto tickets, electricity and funeral insurance.