“The New Windows” to launch soon – Report

A mysterious new version of Microsoft’s Windows operating system is set to roll out in the near future, according to a tweet by reputed leaker WalkingCat.

According to the leak, a new version of Microsoft’s desktop operating system could be named “The New Windows” when it is announced to consumers in the coming months.

The leak originally stated that “The New Windows” would be announced in March 2021, but WalkingCat later corrected this prediction to state that “it is coming, but maybe not next month”.

It has been speculated that this new label refers to the Windows 10X operating system – an upcoming version of Windows 10 designed to deliver an entirely new set of features.

While it may also refer to the upcoming Windows 10 21H1 update, these feature updates for Windows 10 do not normally include labels such as “The New Windows”, leading users to speculate that the long-overdue Windows 10X is set to launch imminently.

Windows 10X
Windows 10X has been designed for modern devices with unique form factors and applications.

The operating system was originally designed to support dual-screen devices, but it has since pivoted its design strategy and will initially roll out to single-display systems.

Support for dual-screen devices is expected in future, however, as the operating system is designed to be compatible with a wide range of form factors.

The Windows 10X operating system is based on Windows 10 but will sport an overhauled designed and functionality aimed at improving the PC experience on lightweight devices.

It supports more advanced touch controls than the standard version of Windows 10, including the ability to move files around by dragging and dropping them.

Additionally, when using Windows 10X, long-pressing on a file will bring up a context menu with options to delete, cut, copy, share, rename, and view properties.

A new Start Menu will feature in the software, too, comprising a dark, translucent box with icons arranged in a grid across its entire area.

A search bar is located at the top of the menu and, most notably, the entire menu and the icons in the taskbar below it are centred for easier accessibility on all devices.

Windows 10X with support for single-screen devices is set to launch this year, with support for dual-screen devices and less conventional form factors expected to roll out a year later.