Nissan combined a camper van with an office pod for the ultimate remote work setup
Nissan took two recent trends — camper vans and remote work — and combined them into a concept van.
The NV350 caravan office pod concept has a workstation that can extend out the back of the van.

Digital nomads looking for a tinyoffice on wheels may have just found their fit with Nissan’slatest concept.

Camper van sales have skyrocketed during the coronavirus pandemic, and so have backyard office units. So why not combine the best of both trends into one van-based office pod?

That’s exactly what Nissan has done with its latest concept vehicle, the NV350 caravan office pod. While some RV makers have been catering their builds to the new “work from anywhere crowd,” the Japanese automaker has decided to create a full concept office on wheels with the sole purpose of serving as, well, a mobile office.