Inside Sweden’s Icehotel, which features a frozen forest and ‘the coldest sauna in the world’
Welcome to what the Icehotel describes as “probably the coldest sauna in the world.”

Sweden’s legendary Icehotel has unveiled its latest collection of ice suites including a beautiful frozen forest, a giant dog sculpture made of snow, and an ice sauna.
The Icehotel is made up of two sections: Icehotel 31, with temporary suites made from ice and snow, and the permanent Icehotel 365 which has a mix of warm rooms and ice suites.

Icehotel 31 will be available to stay in between December and April, after which the rooms will be left to melt away.
The Icehotel has also launched a virtual reality tour for those who cannot visit due to the pandemic.

“The artists have created amazing fantasy worlds which will make our guests forget for a while that 2020 was a difficult year for each of us,” creative director Luca Roncoroni told Insider.