SA is getting a new R5 coin, featuring old coins, to celebrate the Reserve Bank.

SA is getting a new circulation R5 coin in 2021.
It features a nostalgic insert of older coins, including one inspired by a Bible verse, and the famous laughing Mandela R5.
The coin celebrates 100 years of the existence of the SA Reserve Bank.

The sterling-silver, gold plated collector’s version of the coin will be just under 39mm in diameter, or about half as big as the circulation coin, and will weigh 33 grams.

South Africa is getting a new R5 coin featuring six other, older coins as inserts, for 2021.

The finance ministry on Friday issued the necessary notice to declare the coins legal tender as of 1 January.

The standard circulation coin will feature the words “uMzantsi Afrika” and “Suid-Afrika”, while a collector’s edition will feature ten languages.

Here is what SA’s 2021 commemorative R5 coins will look like.