How to Customize the Windows 10 Context Menu: Add, Remove Items and More!

Left unchecked, it won’t take long for the Windows context menu to become cluttered. Having too many items on the right click menus can be particularly annoying because you can’t use the mouse to scroll through, you have to click on the arrows at the top and bottom of the list, and we bet there’s at least one program on your context menus that you never use.

Conversely, managing the context menu to work in your advantage can be a rewarding tweak to your operating system, or at the very least getting rid of the useless things that third party apps might have added there.

Various tools have simplified the process of adding shortcuts to your frequently used software, utilities and visited destinations around Windows. Microsoft has already made it easy to access the different control panels and system management locations in Windows by right clicking the Start menu or hitting the Windows key + X on your keyboard, but there are plenty of useful items missing from the right click menus (right clicking on the desktop, on files and folders etc.).