Samsung S Pen – The mighty stylus for powerful productivity

Samsung’s latest S Pen is its most advanced stylus yet.

It allows users to navigate their interface with precision, take down and convert handwritten notes, and control numerous functions remotely.

The S Pen comes paired with Samsung’s powerful Galaxy Note 20 smartphones as standard, which feature 120Hz Infinity-O displays that make strokes even more precise and allows for more natural writing.

Additionally, the S Pen boasts a variety of useful capabilities that enhances your productivity and supplements everyday use of your smartphone.

First and foremost, it helps you to take down notes quickly and store them in the Samsung Notes app.

You can jot down your thoughts in your own handwriting, then simply tap to turn this into readable digital text which can be copied, pasted, and shared.

While you’re recording audio and you take down a note, the Audio Bookmark feature then lines them up when you play the sound back for easy reference.

You are also able to adjust settings like ink colour and thickness according to your preference.

Samsung Notes integrates with OneNote, too, allowing you to keep a backup of your notes or to easily view them on other devices.

Wireless control
As the S Pen connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth, it can be used as a wireless controller.

This allows you to perform several functions, such as:

Remote control – Navigate a presentation, play and pause videos, or snap a photo while at a distance.
Air action – The S Pen matches your movements, allowing you to control your phone via simple gestures.
Front camera control – Change the camera angle and capture a close-crop group shot or the whole scene by moving the S Pen clockwise or counter-clockwise.
Gallery navigation – Flick left or right in the Gallery app to move to the next photo or go back to the previous one.
Volume adjustment – Turn up the sound by gesturing up. Lower the sound by gesturing down, with no need to touch the volume key.
Get your S Pen today
The Samsung S Pen boasts up to 10 hours of battery life in standby, allowing for extensive use while working or relaxing.