The kids’ kitchen: Things to do with kids while self-isolating

We’ve created a plan, with tons of resources, so you can simply reap the rewards: big smiles and a fairly quiet, mostly tidy home!

Board games: Help your kids to create their own
Helping your kids build their very own board game makes for a cheap, easy, educational and, most importantly, fun activity.

STORYTIME: Listen to Lizo’s song
Lizo is a young, homeless boy who lives on the streets of Cape Town. He has no family and no money and he sings to passers-by on street corners in the hope of earning some money. One day, a member of a carnival band hears Lizo singing and invites him to join the band.

STORYTIME: Listen to The little red hen
Little Red Hen is feeling peckish and decides to make bread. She makes a list of what she needs and sets out into the sunny morning. She asks her friends for help but they all say no! Will she have to do everything by herself?

STORYTIME: Listen to The Ugly Duckling
The poor ugly duckling looks very different from the other ducklings. Will he ever be loved and accepted for who he is?

A fun way to save with DIY shadow money boxes
Planning to save for the matric dance, the school history tour or the latest gadget? We have an easy savings plan for you as well as a DIY shadow money box to store all your funds.