If you have ADSL, you will need to find an alternative


Telkom is rapidly cutting off ADSL and VDSL fixed-line subscribers across South Africa as part of its plan to completely decommission its copper network.

What this means for current ADSL and VDSL subscribers is that they have to look for an alternative service to stay connected.

The most popular option is fibre, which provides subscribers with a fast and affordable uncapped Internet connection.

With speeds ranging between 10Mbps and 1Gbps, fibre remains unmatched in the value if offers subscribers.

Fibre-to-the-home and fibre-to-the-business connections are only available in selected suburbs across the country, however, and many DSL subscribers fall outside of these ‘fibre-ready’ areas.

For these subscribers, a fixed-LTE connection is a good alternative. These wireless connections are quick to install and offer affordable high-data-usage accounts.

Get fibre or fixed-LTE now

If you are looking for a fibre-to-the-home, or fixed-LTE connection, Supersonic is a great option.

Supersonic offer affordable, uncapped fibre services in the majority of areas that have fibre coverage in South Africa.

For those who cannot get fibre, Supersonic offer affordable Home Broadband (fixed-LTE) services over the best mobile network with 95% 4G coverage in South Africa, MTN.