;widows: 2;-webkit-text-stroke-width: 0px;text-decoration-style: initial;text-decoration-color: initial;word-spacing:0px’>Don’t be surprised if your internet is slower than usual at the moment.

It could be yet another consequence of the rolling blackouts the country is experiencing.

According to tech experts, there’s a link between load shedding and slower broadband speeds.

My Broadband.co.za’s Jan Vermeulen explains.

Load shedding can affect your broadband speeds and does affect your signal, not always, but a lot of the time.

— Jan Vermeulen, Editor-at-large – MyBroadband.co.za
Cell companies say that what they see during load shedding is an increase in the number of incidents of vandalism. So what happens is people break into the cell tower base stations and steal the batteries and then when the power gets cut the whole tower goes down.

— Jan Vermeulen, Editor-at-large – MyBroadband.co.za
It’s quite a mission to make sure the towers keep running in load shedding.