Follow these tips on how to retrieve lost contacts.


“I lost all the numbers on my cell phone when I replaced it. And, no, I don’t have them backed up.”

Casey Sherman, via e-mail

If you have a new iPhone or Android, sync it with Facebook to get the digits of any friends who include their numbers on their profiles, says Carley Knobloch, the host of the tech-focused Web show Digitwirl. For a more curated contact list, e-mail pals a link to with a nice note requesting that they click it as a favor to you. They’ll be prompted to enter their contact info, which will then be sent to your online address book. To transfer the numbers from the Web to your phone, export them as a CSV file (the site shows you how), import that file to your cloud-based e-mail account, and connect your device to your computer with a USB cord. Or, if your eyes glazed over reading that sentence, enter the numbers the low-tech way—by hand.