The internet is big, really, really big, and a teacher who wants to continue to learn about technology can find lots of online resources to help.  Today’s technology tip is a guide to some of the best resources that are out there for teachers.

State departments of education as well as individual school districts across the country have a mandate to encourage teachers to integrate technology in the classroom.  But some of the best initiatives to actually train teachers to use technology in the classroom seem to be coming from individual educators.  Check out some of the sites listed below as examples:
This website, co-founded by Susan Brooks and Bill Byles, offers a wide variety of great tutorials and other internet resources for teachers.
Links to many online tutorials can be found at this site which was created by Annette Lamb and updated by Larry Johnson.
Another great resource for teachers.  This site was created by Marilyn Western and has something for everyone.

Tammy’s Technology Tips for Teachers
A great resource that was prepared by Tammy Worcester Tang, and Instructional Technology Specialist at ESSDACK in Kansas
Though burdened with lots of ads, this website offers thousands of  easy to follow do it yourself videos for just about anything.  Be careful though, some of the content might be inappropriate for some age groups.

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