What is a Domain Name?

This week, we are going to explain to you what a Domain is.

1.  A great Domain means instant credibility!
2.  Choose a name for your Domain.
3.  A Domain is an address without a location pointing nowhere at all.
4.  It exists in name only, and that is what you are paying the SA registrar for.
5.  Always make sure that the Domain is registered in your or your company’s name.
6.  You must be able to edit your Domain at any time and make changes.
7.  Check the WHOIS info on your Domain (very important)
8.  Make sure that you are the owner/registrant.
9.  Make 100% Sure your name is listed as the registrant.
10.  Your physical or postal address must be listed under: Registrant Address.
11.  Your phone number must also be listed under: Registrant Phone in the WOIS info page about your domain.


12.  Your email address must be listed as the registrant email and you must be able to get mail on this address.
13.  You must be able to edit this domain and be able to point it to your hosting; that we will discuss tomorrow in full detail!
14.  If your WHOIS information is listed as your current hosting provider’s information and email, it’s ok, but you have the right to ask them to change it or edit the Domain yourself. If they refuse this it is time to transfer your domain to a host where you always have full control over your domain. This is the best option.

To get the WHOIS information click on the link below
https://www.mydomain.com/whois/whois.bml  and search WHOIS info. Go to Google & search for WHOIS.