;widows: 2;-webkit-text-stroke-width: 0px;text-decoration-style: initial;text-decoration-color: initial;word-spacing:0px’>The sale of digital albums declined by 19.6% and that of physical albums declined by 16.5%.

The purchase of individual songs also shrunk by 23.4%.

Oddly, record sales increased by 9% and cassette sales increased by 35%. Cassettes are, however, a small part of the total market, with just 174 000 sold.

Music concerts also remain popular. Half of the US population attend at least one event a year to listen to live music.

More than half of the money spent on music was at these events.

Last year, 18% of the US population went to a music festival, 18% went to a club with a DJ and 33% went to concerts.