Have pain? Take a look at your posture!

  1. Long-term aching in your lower back. This means too much weight is resting on those muscles and you need to stop leaning forward and find more lumbar support.
  2. Wrist pain. Often a prelude to carpal tunnel issues, wrist pain indicates you are holding your hands at the wrong angle while you are working. Your wrists should be as straight as possible, with plenty of support.
  3. Neck and shoulder pain. This is typically caused by craning forward. Even if your lower back in the right place, hunching over will still cause problems. If your chair has neck support, keep in contact with it. If it doesn’t, square your shoulders and keep your neck straight.
  4. Aching knees. This typically happens when a chair is too low to the ground and your knees are propped up a little bit, which puts strain on your ligaments. Sometimes it happens when the chair is too high, as well, but this isn’t as common. Raise the seat height or grab a footrest to make sure that your knees stay level.
  5. Headaches. This indicates that you are probably craning your neck. Your screen should be adjusted to be around level with your eyes, and you should focus more on neck support. Think about switching to an affordable high-back chair.