Month Apr 2017

Internet Safety Guide

  Whether we are crossing a street or spelling a word, it seems there are rules for everything. “Look both ways before you cross” or “I before E except after C” are rules that we understand to be useful because…
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In email, text messages, online chat rooms, and tweets, people often try to type as fast as they can. Using acronyms or abbreviations helps them keep up their speed. Here’s a quick taste of the language sometimes known as "emailese,"…
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Meccanoid XL 2.0

Standing 4 feet tall, Meccanoid XL 2.0 can look kids in the eye while they program it. Moving the bot’s limbs teaches it anything from dances to secret handshakes; 10 motors in the joints send motions to a computer, where…
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Actev Arrow Smart-Kart

Your car is brainy, so why should your kid’s ride be dumb? The 4-foot Actev Arrow Smart-Kart has proximity sensors that trigger evasive maneuvers if tykes hurtle themselves at obstacles. And though it hits 12 mph, parents can limit range…
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RoboRaptor Blue

The RoboRaptor Blue can’t open doors, but it can find its way around the playroom. Infrared sensors in its head let the 3-foot dinosaur wander freely without crashing into anything. Audio sensors trigger roaring reactions to any sudden noises while…
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