The Inspire 2 is their top-of-the-line drone that has been designed to meet the needs of professional filmmakers and photographers. Their goal is to remove any barriers of technology or image quality, so creative professionals can stay true to their vision and get the results they intended.

The Inspire 2 has a new magnesium body which is lighter and stiffer, helping push its top speed to 67 mph and its acceleration from 0-50 mph in only 4 seconds. Although this drone packs quite an impressive punch, its dual battery system guarantees up to 27 minutes of flight time. It also has some impressive altitude—reaching a maximum service ceiling of 16,404 feet above sea level with high-altitude rotors. However, you’ll want to check with FAA regulations on whether you can (legally) enjoy such impressive heights.

But the most important component of the Inspire 2 are its eyes—two onboard Zenmuse X4S and X5S cameras, one forward facing one for the pilot and one on a gimbal for the filmmaker. The drone can capture beyond 4K resolution with a bitrate up to 100Mbps.

The Inspire 2 is $3,000. The Inspire 2 Combo, which includes one Inspire 2 aircraft, one Zenmuse X5S, CinemaDNG, and Apple ProRes License Key, is available for $6,200. Customers who order the Inspire 2 Combo before January 1, 2017 can enjoy a special price of $6,000. Inspire 2 and its accessories are available for pre-order and will start shipping in early December 2016 while customers who purchase the aircraft and camera separately can expect their orders to start shipping in early January 2017.