Month: Aug 2016

How Batteries Work (Infographic)

A dry cell battery releases electricity through a chemical reaction that takes place between the zinc alloy outer can (the anode) and an electrolyte paste inside the battery (the cathode.)

A porous cardboard separator keeps cathode and anode apart. The electricity is conducted through a carbon rod in the center of the battery.

When a circuit is closed, current flows through the battery. It can move in either direction, depending upon circuit design and conductive material.

How do Green Screens work?


In movies and on television, actors walk — and sometimes fly — through elaborate and fantastic landscapes that simply don’t exist in the real world. They ride on dragons’ backs, grow crops on distant planets or visit magical realms with towering citadels inhabited by bizarre creatures. Sometimes the story takes place in a familiar city but in the distant past — or the far-off future. Sometimes characters stage epic battles that seem to pulverize landmarks or places that audiences know well or where they live. And sometimes, the characters themselves are physically transformed, or defy the laws of gravity.

All of this high-tech fakery happens with the help of backdrops of brightly coloured fabric or paint, and a process called “Chroma key,” also referred to as “green screen” due to the backdrops’ colour, which is typically a vivid green.

Chroma keying allows media technicians to easily separate green screens and panels from the people standing in front of them and replace those backgrounds with pretty much anything!

HTC Re Vive


The HTC Re Vive is the first step into virtual reality, though it hasn’t been released yet. It isn’t just limited to video games, even though it does offer a Portal mini-game that is unique to the device itself. This virtual reality device can mimic even commonplace settings, such as the kitchen or office. The HTC Re Vive is the first step toward a true virtual reality experience.

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